Welcome to the Bee Enn Group. Our mission is to excel in the field of medical care, health and education while continuing to provide charitable services to poor people. The Bee Enn Group has mainly divided into four main units which are Bee Enn Charitable Trust, Bee Enn Charitable Society, Harbans Bhalla Educational Trust & Roshan Educational Society. Further the Bee Enn Charitable Trust is divided into five sub units which are primarily Bee Enn General Hospital, Bee Enn College of Nursing, Bee Enn Nursing Institute, Aashrayee, and Pharmacy.

The mission of the Bee Enn Charitable Trust is to excel in the field of medical care and services. At Bee Enn General Hospital, we have assembled the finest talents in healthcare, be they doctors, nurses or technicians and management professionals across a wide spectrum.

A Successful and a famous businessman though he became, he never let the success go to his head and over shadow the qualities of his heart. He always remained alive to the sensitivities of his fellow human beings. His numerous Philanthropic.